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Our mission

This website promotes a development of problem-solving community for dairy farmers and industry professionals on the topic of robotic milking systems. The primary function of the site is to facilitate an efficient Q&A interaction process among its members, so that the members can find ideas and help solve problems.

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ComMoonity makes sharing knowledge easy.

Having trouble getting things right with cows, robots or the facility, or perhaps still being stuck at the planning stage? Wouldn’t it be nice to ask experienced dairy farmers from all over the country? For the cutting-edge issues you are experiencing, fellow farmers may be the only experts who know how to fix.

-Ask dairy farmers with most relevant experiences
-Go straight to solving your problem, not an exchange of opinions
-Access the searchable knowledge base
-Share your knowledge with other farmers
-Help develop virtual dairy producer communities

What is ComMoonity–Robotic Milking?

ComMoonity–Robotic Milking is a virtual community of dairy farmers and industry specialists who are dedicated to solving farmers’ problems associated with robotic milking. It is a social experiment pilot for farmers to utilize a Q&A-style learning model inspired by programming communities in an increasingly fast-paced, technological environment. As a current or prospective user of robotic milking systems, we invite you–one of the most technologically-minded dairy farmers–to spearhead this pilot.

How does it work?

The diagram shows the four primary actions performed on this site:
- posting a question
- offering an answer
- accepting an answer
- editing the question for clarity.

The primary function of the app is to efficiently facilitate these four steps, so that members can find ideas and help solve problems. The key is to create an effective system of formulating discussions into practical questions and build trust among community members.

Why Join?

Information is a key asset in today’s business environment. Its quality relies as much on the credibility of the content as its speed, accessibility, and relevance. These qualities vary based on the source of information. ComMoonity can offer the information you need in the most efficient way, so that continuous learning and problem-solving for your farm is possible in a timely, reliable, and searchable format.

- Timely: Issues are raised and solved by members in real-time.
- Reliable: Answers come from a pool of members with diverse experiences.
- Searchable: Q&A posts are searchable by key words and also can be browsed by category, sorted by date, view count, and rating.
- Relevant: Recommendation engines match questions with those most likely to provide suitable answers and also connect you with those whom you share common interests.

How to ask a question?

• Bad: How to increase milk production?
• Okay: What are strategies to increase daily milk production per robot?
• Good: What are _____ strategies to increase daily milk production per robot?

The first question is too broad. The second question is better since it has more specific detail and context. The more specific, the better in general. In the third question, you can name a specific area of operation that you are considering to adjust; for example, feeding strategies, animal grouping strategies, breeding programs, sire selection, replacement decisions, etc. Additionally, in the main content of your post, it is important to provide a description of your problem and what you have tried so far.

More Examples

Example 2:

• Bad: What are the best milking permission settings?
• Okay: What are the signs for less-than-ideal milking permission settings?
• Good: What can I adjust in the milking permission settings to reduce the average box time per cow?

Example 3:

• Bad: Any tips for robot maintenance?
• Okay: Which places to look at in a weekly robot check-up?
• Good: Which robot parts are particularly prone to wearing out when using sand-bedding, and how often should I expect to replace them?

Example 4:

• Bad: What do you think of _____ ?
• Good: Does _____ help reduce the problem of ______ in a situation with ____ ?

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ComMoonity – Robot Users is a professional networking site for dairy producers, industry specialists, and extension agents for discussing robotic milking systems.

The transition into a robotic milking system involves many new challenges and opportunities. Developing your professional network is a key to stay informed, troubleshoot, and make the most of this new technology. Stay active and connected via ComMoonity – Robot Users.

This site is maintained by Dairy Extension at the University of Minnesota.

This material is based upon work supported by USDA/NIFA under Award Number 2018-70027-28586.


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Kota Minegishi - University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

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Kota Minegishi

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Department of Animal Science
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
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